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Caricature Artists 

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Dan Dunn (not booking at this time) - One of Houston's top artists! Dan built 2 of Houston's art cows and can create amazing realistic caricatures of you and your guests.









Caricatures by Jody Brownd - Houston's busiest Caricature artist. Jody is fast and good!


 Chris Fay - A unique style and a woman of many looks, Chris is sure to be a FAY-vorite at your party


Caricatures by Eve Myles - Eve is a great painter as well as a caricature artist.  Eve was President of the National Caricaturist Network in 1997. In l995 she won the NCN award for "Best Likeness." In l997 she won the slightly less coveted award, "Most Bizarre." Together, both awards describe her distinctive style. (click here for more)


Caricatures by Nick Polydoros - Rescued by Greek fisherman off the coast of Cyprus, Nick learned to draw using primitive bamboo pencils and fish oil.   Speed: 10-15 people per hour in black and white or 6-10 people per hour in color

Self Portrait, Rajan: Caricature Artist Houston TX TexasRajan Caricature Houston Rajan Caricature Houston

Caricatures by Rajan - Rajan's work has been recognized internationally by Parade, Business Week and Popular Science Magazines. A modest type of fellow, he lets the pen do the talking.

Caricatures by Martin Tremblay - Martin has been entertaining in the Houston area for over Twenty years. His amazing talent is a real crowd pleaser.

Caricatures by MAC - His real name is Macario Garcia (like the street) and he is one of Houston's best young artists (pictured here with Roly the Clown (sold separately).

Caricatures by Cecil - A unique shading gives Cecil's work a very cool 3D appearance.

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