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Yummy's Biography                            


Yummy was born a long time ago, no one is exactly sure when. Some people say that the only true way to know Yummy's age is to count the stripes on his socks. Others have been quoted as saying "Who Cares?" His father Yo Yo and his mother Dummy the Clown decided to put their names together to get the name Yummy. It was much better than the alternative..... Do Do.

Yummy grew up in the circus and spent a great deal of time learning about life from his grandfather "Gummy". He learned how to juggle books, balance all kinds of things (except his diet) and how to walk a crooked line. He lived in a tent, played in a tent, worked in a tent.  His whole life has been in-tents (intense).

After graduating from Clown school he went on to get his MPT (Masters of Pie Throwing) and joined a small Fraternity I  ETA PI.  He had mostly B's in his report card, but didn't mind because he used the honey that they made on his peanut butter sandwiches. He met Kerry the Clown and decided to send her squirting flowers the very next day. The two have been seen going to different movies together on completely different days.

These days Yummy practices getting in small cars with his friends,  doing summer jokes (summer funny, some aren't), and enjoys playing giraffe twister while the giraffes are sleeping.


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