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For your next event you will have a will have a hypnotist...


What is "Hypnosis?"

The word "hypnosis" is derived from the Greek word for the God of Sleep, "Hypnos." Hypnosis however, is not sleep. If it were the subjects would not be able to hear the voice of the hypnotist and react to the suggestions.

Everyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing to listen, pay attention and follow directions with the exception of the following three types of people: Someone who is drunk, someone who doesn't want to be hypnotized or people with an IQ clinically below 70. 

Almost everyone who volunteers in a show will be hypnotized. Sometimes during a show there are unique distractions that can keep a person from becoming hypnotized at that particular moment. This is expected and happens almost every show. 

People cannot be made to do anything that is against their will while under hypnosis. In other words, you cannot be made do anything that is against your moral or ethical values while experiencing hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility in which a direct connection is made to the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind, the part of the brain that thinks, reasons and talks to itself. The subconscious doesn't talk, think or reason, it simply hears and causes action. This is all brought on by complete relaxation and the skill of the hypnotist. 







AJ La Haye - Certified Master Hypnotist