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Monkey Shows

The Monkey Shows  

Wilson the monkey is a Hollywood super star. He has appeared in many feature films, television shows, print ads and commercials. You might recognize him from some of his on screen work when he visits your home in his own live show accompanied by magician, host and trainer, Brian Staples.

Wilson has shared the stage and hearts of actors such as Seth Green, Keanu Reeves, Kayla Pratt, Eddie Murphy, Rachel Even Woods and many more. Welcome him to your special occasion too. Wilson and Brian will travel to your event from their home in Los Angeles, CA and present gifts to your guests along with a whole lot of fun.

After Wilson takes the paper off of a straw, takes the cap off of a bottle of juice, inserts the straw and drinks down his favorite beverage, he will hop onto the laps of all of the guests and pose for a one on one celebrity photo opportunity. The audience will go wild when Wilson takes the cap off of a pen and signs his signature autograph on one of the coloring books that he will give each special guest.

If it’s a birthday you are celebrating, Wilson will sing along and be anxious to share a piece of birthday cake. Make sure to save him a piece.

Share in a rare occasion to interact with a real live monkey. There are very few trained primates that you can actually interact with and Wilson is one of the best.

Next time you are watching a hit t.v. show or a big screen movie with a monkey, there is a good chance you are seeing Wilson the monkey. Tell your friends that monkey helped celebrate your occasion.

You will be able to choose from four shows where Wilson is the star: 

Wilson’s Treasure Hunt

Wilson’s Treasure Hunt begins with a mysterious locked treasure chest. All of the tools (toys) that Wilson uses along with the help of the audience doesn’t seem to get the treasure chest open. Silly tasks and skits teach the guests the importance of team work. At the end of this 40 min. show the magic key is produced, the treasure chest is opened (by Wilson) and the treasure consisting of wrapped candy and of course a banana is shared with all who participated in Wilson’s Treasure Hunt. (ages: toddler to 10) 

Story Time, A Curious “Wilson” book reading adventure.

Story Time, A Curious “Wilson” book reading adventure is just that. Just like Curious George, Wilson finds himself in some unusual situations.  As host and story teller, Brian Staples reads the story that Wilson flips the pages for, its up to the guests to choose the course the story will take. A combination of a Curious George and a Choose your Own Ending, this 40 min. show comes to life with a real live monkey and your kids to help save the day. (ages: toddler to 7) 

The Magical Monkey Show

Monkey Magic is a creatively routine magic show that allows Wilson, the celebrity monkey and your audience to be the magicians.  Brian Staples is a world traveled magician who provides magic and animals for film, television, and live stage has now produced a magic show that gives the spotlight to audience participants and an amazing monkey.

Its no ordinary magic show. Special magic tricks that have been designed by world renowned magic crafter, Owen Magic, is presented live for your special occasion. And if that isn’t enough, our magic monkey will give away his own magic tricks as a special gift to the lucky featured child. Wilson will make your special day magical. ( 40 mins) (ages: toddler to 16) 

A Rain Forest Adventure. (A Dora and Boots parody)

A Rainforest Adventure.  If your special one is a fan of Dora the Explorer, Wilson would love to take you on an amazing adventure into the depths of the rainforest. We will focus on recycling, cleaning up litter, and how we need to protect our natural resources. The show may sound a bit too advanced for young ones but to the contrary, Wilson the monkey will make such an important lesson fun. Imagine the memories the audience will cherish when a roll model like Dora or Boots comes to their home and they solve the problems other jungle residence. A cartoon comes to life with your own 40 min. Rainforest Adventure. (ages: toddler to 12)