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RIDES  Click here for the BIG STUFF                      

Tubs of Fun

Mini Ferris Wheel

Fish Ride

Spongebob Mini Coaster

Quad Jumper

Surfboard Ride

Dance Dance Revolution



Swing Ride (close view)

Rock Wall

The Wizzer


Mechanical Bull

Trampoline Bungee Thing

The Rocket Ride


Barrel of Fun

Swing Ride

Spaceball / Gyroscope

Sumo Wrestlers


Swing Ride - One of the largest portable rides, this attraction will accommodate many riders

The Rocket Ride -

Carousel - Recommended for kids 6 years and younger

Barrel of Fun - Step inside this human size barrel and spin as fast as you can! Fun for all ages. 25' x 25' space required. electricity req.

Tumbler - The tumbler is just another version of a Mini-Ferris Wheel.

Mechanical Bull - The mechanical bull has become one of the elite 'must have' pieces of entertainment equipment for theme parties, balls, promotional events and company fun days. Our Bucking Machines are of the latest design and are fully controllable and safe. All ages from 3 years to 70 can enjoy the experience of mechanical bull riding regardless of ability. The Mechanical Bull is totally controlled by the experienced operator and is a safe ride.

Rock Wall-


Robo Surfer-Surfs up dude! All you goofy-footed tube-riders are going to want to catch this wave. This gnarly ride lets you pretend you're chasing the perfect wave during an endless summer. Our stick (surfboard) is mounted to a motorized waved that simulates the motion of a radical Pacific swell. The cool thing is that it's adjustable , so you can ride a kiddie pool size wave if you're a "Barney," or we can put you in the middle of the impact zone at Mavericks if you're a surfing god. (Robo Surfboarding is also available in Robo Snowboarding!!  Catch the cool ride!)

Quad Jumper - Now you can do Flips, Twirls, High Flying Bounces!  This wacky 4 Man Monkey Motion is the best way to get the air you crave!  But remember, only try this if you are EXTREME enough!!

Dance Dance Revolution -

Trampoline Bungee Thing-Spring into action with the Trampoline Thing!  Get strapped in for a Bouncing, Twirling, Flipping great time and hold on tight as you almost touch the sky!  Comes with one ringmaster for this high flying act! (19’wx21’hx19’l)

Spaceball -

Sumo Wrestlers - Transform your guests into 350+ pounds of traditional Japanese entertainment. Each person tries to knock their opponent to the ground or out of the ring. Sumo is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Kiddie Sumo suits also allow the youngsters to play.

Gyroscope - Ready to try out the NASA space program? Here is your chance to test your readiness for space. Rotating on three axes gives a totally new meaning to weightlessness. A guaranteed waiting line comes with this rental. Adults, teenagers and kids over 4 ft tall love it! (includes 1 astronaut trainee-no power required-10'W x 10'L x 14'H)