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The Game Show


Sound effects                         Audience Participation

Great props                                             Spinning Wheel of Trivia

Funny prizes                                                             Flashing lights and colorful set


Imagine... your guests as the contestants of a your very own customized game show. 

We take the best games from TV, speed them up, cut out the commercials, involve more people, and give you a very unique show!


Trivia Jeopardy -  We take the best questions from Trivial Pursuit, spin the wheel to find your category and the team that rings the bell first, answers the question. If they get it right, then they get to guess a letter. Figure out the phrase and you get more points! Or use your letters for a stage version of hangman!

Rate your Date -Find out who really knows their wife or girlfriend. We've jazzed up the Newlywed game for lots of fun and laughs.

Name that TV Tune - How well do you know the theme songs from old Saturday morning cartoons? Do you have what it takes to beat your friends? Win valuable prizes like candy bars or lotto tickets!

Pictionary - Separate the artists from the wannabes!

Or....pick your own games. Custom questions, themes and old school games on request!


Name that TV Tune    Trivia Contests

The Not So Newlywed Game    Pictionary




For more information about our Game Shows, call us @ (281)484-1300